take me to the movies

July 23, 2015

We had a dry spell where we didn’t watch very many movies. I blame it entirely on Garrett’s schedule and my inability to watch a movie alone. In my early twenties I read a magazine article and felt inspired to overcome my phobia. I went and conquered the fear. I felt empowered. I continued to […]

home is where your heart is

July 16, 2015

It feels so good to have our bags unpacked and to be settled into our own space. The first year and a half of marriage taught us that home isn’t about where you are, it’s about who you are with. We found out we could happily make our home anywhere. While I am thankful we […]

only one hundred and eighty-seven words

July 15, 2015

Yesterday I began feeling a wave of all too familiar emotions. It starts with a simple trigger and within a breath I can be completely and erratically upset about this particular thing. I felt myself taking on water. I know from experience that kicking or screaming in justified frustration only sinks me all the faster. […]

the one with all the quotes

July 10, 2015

“I believe people do great things before they are ready.” Amy Poehler. I have been thinking about Amy’s words. She doesn’t say great people, she says people. That’s important. And notice how she doesn’t say great people do great things. No, it’s very simple. People do great things before they are ready. This past weekend […]

home is where you keep your books

June 16, 2015

Life has a way of rolling right along and I’m thankful it does because it’s a good reminder to keep ahold of in the hard moments. This too will pass, sometimes not quickly enough, but in many cases probably faster than we ever want to admit. And so just like that we rented a U-haul […]