my best yes

March 30, 2015

Things aren’t exactly going according to plan. Yet, I feel the undercurrent of something beautiful happening. Perhaps this unexpected is everything we need. While I can’t fully understand it yet, I know this current is strong and sure. I find when I acknowledge this almost unseen beauty I discover myself exactly where I need to […]

texas forever

March 24, 2015

Yesterday we celebrated sixteen months of marriage by… spending the little time we had together going over his ER schedule. This does not sound romantic. But when he called ahead and asked me to look at it with him, this made my heart skip a beat. We get to do this life business together and […]

happy birthday mom

March 11, 2015

Everyone says the older you get the more you appreciate your mother. Everyone says a lot of things. In fact, too many things. The everyone business lost its credibility long ago. And just because everyone does say something doesn’t make it true. What is true for my life is that my mother is who she […]


March 3, 2015

I feel like most things pull us toward wanting more of something. I am finding I want less of almost everything. It all started by… you know… I wish I knew exactly how this started. I suppose it’s been a collaboration of getting married and realizing how much stuff I have, spending half of our […]

wake up my soul

February 27, 2015

Sometimes I just need to sing this song as loud as I can and listen to every single word. all the faint lights – steve moakler Lies are like stones. They sink in Pull in the air youre breathing You can keep it inside The devil will reside if you let him Our hearts are […]