true to you

April 10, 2015

After my brother Ben’s wedding, Hannah and I stayed behind from the rest of the family to visit our cousin Lauren. When you’re from Texas nothing seems very far. Pennsylvania was practically in the same neighborhood as New York. We had an astoundingly wonderful visit and something unexpected happened. Morghan suggested we meet up in […]

hope does not put us to shame

April 8, 2015

Facebook makes my eye twitch. Yes, ironically enough I will soon be posting a link. It goes like this. I log onto my sister’s account, paste the link and hold my breath while it loads. Even being on the site makes my blood pressure rise. I feel as if I am in a crowded room […]

finding joy

April 6, 2015

Joy and Happiness often get confused. They may be similar but they come from different materials. Happiness often occurs when things are going well. When you get what you want. Its grand but it often flies out the window the moment things go south. Joy is something different. You often have to fight for it. […]

my best yes

March 30, 2015

Things aren’t exactly going according to plan. Yet, I feel the undercurrent of something beautiful happening. Perhaps this unexpected is everything we need. While I can’t fully understand it yet, I know this current is strong and sure. I find when I acknowledge this almost unseen beauty I discover myself exactly where I need to […]

texas forever

March 24, 2015

Yesterday we celebrated sixteen months of marriage by… spending the little time we had together going over his ER schedule. This does not sound romantic. But when he called ahead and asked me to look at it with him, this made my heart skip a beat. We get to do this life business together and […]