the first year

November 21, 2014

The best marriage tip I ever received was from my brother Ben. He wrote me a letter and eloquently advised me from his first eleven months of marriage. It was a letter that only someone like my brother can pen. It made me laugh, roll my eyes and feel loved. Now it was a page […]

things being made right

November 19, 2014

Yesterday I read a sentence that pierced my heart. “A healing that didn’t come from things being made right.” I read it again. I felt the words in my mouth and around the bitterness there was a hidden sweetness. Unexpected grace in a heartbeat between sadness and redemption. Today I keep tasting those words. I’m […]

four hours of sleep, three cups of coffee

October 30, 2014

The loneliness began to sink in as soon as I left Garrett at his interview this morning. Six and a half hours all to myself, I used to dream about moments like this. I would fantasize about it while I was walking into work. Time to write and drink coffee without interruption. It would be […]

life is beautiful

October 18, 2014

So far it’s been a busy yet very happy fall. I never officially said goodbye to New Orleans, though I wrote more about it than any other place. I will go back and remanence over that corner of my heart one day. In the meantime, let’s get up to speed. We left NOLA, I have […]

and the walls came tumbling down

September 15, 2014

“Do you have anyone speaking into your life?” This question could mean a hundred different things but I knew exactly what she meant. The answer sounded in my ears without hesitation. It has taken me a number of weeks to dissect it. To look at each piece and question it. There was no denying the […]